Alexa…Will the Packers Make the Playoffs?

Tis the season for giving and receiving. If you’re the Green Bay Packers the time for giving is over. It’s time to receive. A trip to the playoffs that is!

With three weeks left in the 2017 regular season we are back when it all began last year. It’s “run the table” or go home for the new year. And once again it all rides on the collarbone of number 12. Can they win-out and make the playoffs again?

If success breeds confidence, then you certainly should have the feeling I have. It just feels right. It feels like the green and gold will get it done. By all appearances it shouldn’t be the case. Truth be told the team looks more dire than not but sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. And maybe that is what they are.

As we await the most sought after bone scan in the history of medicine one can only wonder…

Wonder and waiting is just what the NFL needs right now. A little giddy anticipation.

Let’s ponder shall we… 3 reasons the Packers will get it done:

  1. Don’t look now but we may have a defense. Say what you will about a lack of secondary play, but out of nowhere has come #23 and #50 might have something special. Others are feeding off them… and hey, wait..their was a #52 sighting last week in Cleveland.
  2. The Lions are the Lions. The pressure will get them. The Vikings are the Vikings. The pressure will get to them. Atlanta is starting to let doubt seep in. As for Cam and Carolina? It will only take one or two big plays for #1 to quit on his team early and spend most of his time on the bench dreaming up new post-game wardrobe mis-steps.
  3. A-A-Ron is A-A-Ron. You can’t stop greatness folks. If #12 gets on the field starting in Carolina it might be enough of a mental edge to take out all in the Packers wake. Another chapter in Aaron’s “Football Life” episode could in the making.

We will see…But this much is clear. Nothing good ever happened by thinking negative.

Go Pack Go!

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Adversity is a Good Thing.

Aaron Rodgers is out for the season

We’ve let that marinate for about a week and no one likes to hear it or read it, but it’s reality. But lets step back for a moment. Did anyone one think that life after #4 would result in his back up taking title of the Iron Man Streak? You are lying to yourself if you seriously thought that would happen.

Injury was bound to happen to a Packers QB eventually. Let’s deal with it and move forward. After all, that’s what the Patriots once did. As did the St. Louis Rams.

Adversity can be a good thing. History has shown this to be true so why can’t it repeat itself once again?

I don’t know what you’ve been taught or what you are teaching your kids but life is not a smooth journey from birth to death. Adversity will come calling. It may come calling often. How do you handle it? How will you respond?

Who knows if Hundley will respond? But I do know that he has come from a highly competitive college. I do know he’s backed up for the past three years and I do know you don’t arrive at such places without significant talent.

His first name is a good omen too.

Keep calm and carry on. In Brett we trust — once again.

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3 Things the Packers Need Now!

  1. A star D-end. Sorry, will be nearly impossible to win a title without consistent pressure on the QB. A star D-end does that and also rallies teammates.
  2.  A legit punter. ?, don’t want to talk such a minor positioaron? It may not make for good TV on NFL Network, but field position can mean everything. If you’re on the opposing team would you rather give Aaron Rodgers 50 yards to drive or 90?
  3. A speedy WR. The Packers have good hands guys, but when is the last time one of them completely ran away from the defense?

Training camp starts soon…We will see..

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Can the Packers Win the Super Bowl this season?

I don’t mean go to the big game. I mean WIN it. I still feel like they are a few pieces short, but possible post training camp pick ups will tell the story. What do you think?

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One Side Wins All

The old saying: “Defense Wins Championships.” is very true.

Time and time again it is the defense that comes up big to win the big game. Think about Von Miller, Malcom Butler, Larry Brown, Ray Lewis, Reggie White … and on and on and on.

Teams know that a great defense is the key to winning so why doesn’t every team primarily focus on the defensive side of the ball?

If you really think about it, all you need is a great defense — by itself — to win games.

A good defense in and of itself can not only stop scoring but it can score all the points a team needs to win.

Shut out a good offense. Hold them to zero or three points and all you must do is get a pick-six or a fumble recovery returned for a TD to win.

An offense can only score to win.

Another old saying: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

But …

If your basket is the defensive basket, it might not be a bad idea.

What do you think?

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3 Crazy Moves The Packers Should Make in the 2016 Draft

No risk. No reward.

Ok. Are we done with cliches?

It might be a good year for the Packers to take some odd risk in the NFL draft. Not the kind of risk that pays off instantly but some really l ong-term risk.

Herein are 3 off the wall pick ideas for the 2016 draft.


  1. QB – Yes, Hundley looks good but he will have sat too long before his shot comes. The best bet is to try and get him some live reps and use it as trade bait. Thus, this year grabbing a QB early might not be a bad call. Grab Connor Cook, have him sit for four years and #12 should be on his way out. Or the Packers GM (probably Wolf) can trade him similar to the way the 9ers dropped Montana. Sure we all cringe at the idea of A.R. wearing another uni but that’s life in big boy sports.

2.  WR – This year’s crop of wideouts have been labeled slow. Maybe, maybe not. The long and short of it is this: While the Packers might have one of the best receiver corps in the NFL, it takes one injury to change this dynamic in an instant. Why not stock up. It’s always better to have too much than not enough.

3. DB – Yes, go get another one. It looks like TT hit gold with Randall and Rollins. Come next payday that won’t be able to keep both. Oh and Ha Ha should be laughing all the way to the bank too. So keep the shelf full.

Just food for thought. What do you think?

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If not now … When?

?The Green Bay Packers build through the draft. Yes. we get it. The Green Bay Packers are not very active in Free Agency. Yes, we get it.

The Green Bay Packers win and are in the hunt for a title almost every year — yes we get that too.

But … (and you knew it was coming)

When do the truly remarkable take the big risk to make themselves legends?

When does the conservative approach (that isn’t getting the final job done) end?

When does the exciting free agent come to Green Bay (like Reggie White) and actually produce?

When does the organization move up –way up– in the draft and take a NEED?

When does the team stop acting like middle of the road players picked up in free agency are a big deal?

When does an organization tire of getting near the doorstep of a championship and instead breakthrough?

This is not a complaint or a rant or a unreasonable fit of emotion.

It’s merely a question: When is enough, enough?

For the first time ever, I’m not brimming with excitement for the upcoming season. I am looking forward to it, but in the back of my mind, it appears the Green Bay Packers are head down a familiar path.

Here’s another question Looking at the roster as it sits today, are the Green Bay Packers a Championship team?

The game isn’t won on paper. It’s won on a field. Lets see what happens.

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The End of an Era?

On the cusp of the Superbowl isn’t cutting it anymore.

There are rumblings out of Titletown that friction exists between Thompson and McCarthy. And while it seems obvious … Where there is smoke there is fire.

The clock is ticking on Aaron Rodgers career. His hard work and patience has — to some extent — been taken advantage of by Thompson. For the past few seasons, while the team has been close to going back to the big game, it has come up short. So what or who exactly is to blame?

Thus the only effort that has not truly been made to put them over the top — Free Agency: Must be addressed this off season. Hello Mr. Thompson, time to see if it works because doing the same thing (as well all know) is insanity.

If a true effort in free agency isn’t made it could be the end of the Thompson Era and the slow downward spiral of the Rodgers era as well.

Certainly such negative thoughts are not “The Packer Way” but logic must have a voice and the voice is saying: When you’ve dominated your division and conference for this long, eventually things break down and you must begin a new.

Nothing great lasts forever.

One more season may write the final chapter. We will see.

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3 Things the Packers Must Do to Beat the Skins

Sure the Washington Redskins do not appear to be much of a of a challenge as the Packers head into the playoffs, but fans beware….

This is, after all, the NFL playoffs. Crazy things can happen. (I.E. A team dominates the NFC Championship Game only to lose it in final three minutes.)

Assuming the Skins faithful will be loud enough to cause a scoring filabuster for the Packers, here are 3 things the green and gold must do to win next Sunday in Maryland.

Trick plays – Sure no one likes to use them as a consistent resource, but since the reality of the Packers receiving corps can best be summed up as…merely available, it will take a lateral or two to make this victory happen. (For those that think this is a bit nuts, Dan Reeves made a living off of trick plays at one time.)

Turnovers – Yes, I hate this one because it’s such a cliche. Every analyst can throw out the ol’ “The team that wins the turnover battle….” statement. It’s silly in most cases, but this isn’t one of them. I doubt the Packers will win without at least one interception or fumble recovery.

Unsung Defensive Hero – Calling Jayrone Elliott…Calling Jake Ryan…Calling BJ Raji..Oh and if you’re the real Mike Daniels, please stand up! It doesn’t matter what it takes, someone needs to make the Redskins offense very uncomfortable other than Clay Matthews.

We will see what happens. Anything can in the NFL playoffs.


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5 Things Packers Fans Should Be Thankful 4

Happy Thanksgiving! Sure the season has taken a odd turn of the unexpected, but the Vikings game may have been the wake up call to get things back on track. And the Bears tonight are next!

Nevertheless it’s a time to be thankful. Here are 5 things to be thankful for if you are a Packers fan:

5. You’re not a Browns, Lions, Bears or Jets fan

4. Your team plays in the best venue of all of sport – Lambeau Field!

3. The Packers as an organization constantly give fans something to look forward to … the New Titletown Plaza and venues soon to be built in Green Bay.

2. Goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway: Starr, Favre…Rodgers. Any team in the NFL would die for that lineup!

  1. Same old Jay!
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